Frequently asked questions


I’m not sure of the border size to buy for my friend? 

That’s ok, we know you would get strange looks in your friends garden with a tape measure! So we offer two options, an upgrade at an additional cost of £10 per square metre or we do the plan to the size purchased and your friend can use an area of the plan to extend.


The style I like is not on the questionnaire?

The styles listed are for guidance and the most popular. When you are ready to send all the information to us, let us know what you like and we will try to accommodate depending on your garden conditions.


Can you use existing plants already in my border for the new plan?

Based on the information we receive from you, we will try our best to keep or relocate, but we cant promise this if they are not correct for the conditions or the style you request.


How do I measure my border if it's not a rectangle?

If it's just slightly off having straight lines, just measure as if they were straight. Other shapes, you will need to measure as if it's in a rectangle.


  1. Make a rough sketch of the area to be planted ( this does not need to be to scale)

  2. Measure a rectangle around the area

  3. From the corners of the rectangle, measure in to the curve